The Cure for Golf, Baseball Throwing, Tennis, and Any Other Yips You Might Have…

The yips are one of those forsaken words on the golf course. Just like mentioning the shanks, hearing about the yips on the links can bring a shudder to any golfer in the know.

The yips have plagued athletes in all sports and disciplines and finding out how to get rid of the yips can be one of the hardest challenges for any golfer stricken with the affliction.

The golfing yips are a nervous disorder that can wreak havoc on your putting, chipping, driving and iron play. This kind of distraction to your game will have you shooting scores higher than ever before and losing a passion for a game that you likely once loved.

If you are searching out help for your golfing yips, they have likely reached a point to where they have become unmanageable. If they are to this point, finding out how to get rid of the yips may be your absolute top priority.

The yips can cause you to lose your fine motor skills, and when this happens you will be unable to take your club back, unable to swing the club through the zone and unable to play your game at the point to where you know that you can.

But how to get rid of the yips? Golfers have asked themselves this for years, and even golfers like Bernhard Langer, Tom Watson and Ben Hogan have struggled through the condition.

The golfing yips in any form – whether chipping yips, putting yips or golf swing yips – are far worse than coming down with a case of the shanks. Whereas the shanks are a physical condition, the yips are a dreaded mental and psychological condition.

The golfing yips force you to tense up and freeze anytime that you stand over a putt. They give you the feeling of inability and nervousness, and all of a sudden you find yourself unable to play the game of golf like you know how.

Many people approach the golfing yips as a mechanical or fundamental problem. They try to fix the golf course yips by cheap methods and once over fixes, but this is not always the trick to fixing the problem – in fact, this is almost never the case.

A lot of players will attempt to cure the golfing yips simply by making some fundamental change to their swing. This method of fixing the problem is like trying to mow your lawn to get rid of a week problem. Mowing the lawn will remove the weeds from the surface, but it will not entirely eradicate the golfing yips problem. You can mow from the top, but the weeds will still be alive underneath.

With your lawn cut and your weeds trimmed, you will only have to wait for the weeds to reappear again. When this happens, you will just have to trim the weeds again.

In terms of the golfing yips, changing your grip or your swing is like running the mower over the weeds. The new grip will distract, but the yips will return once you figure out the new grip – just like the weeds.


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