The Cure for Golf, Baseball Throwing, Tennis, and Any Other Yips You Might Have…

Your putting stroke might be the most important part of your game – it sure has been for the great champions like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. But, when you lose your putting stroke, your game will seem like it will never recover again. Though most do not simply forget how to putt overnight, the putting stroke yips can make you feel like you have.

The yips are a problem – much like the shanks – that can be the nightmare for golfers of every level. They have afflicted some of the best professionals around the world – such as Tom Watson or Ben Hogan – and they have sounded the death knell of the games of amateurs and resort golfers around the world.

Like the other types of yips, the putting stroke yips are a rare and odd occurrence in the worlds of sports and the world of golf. But, when a person comes down with the putting yips, it can be a difficult process to figure out the ways to relieve yourself from the burdens of shattered confidence and a crumbling putting stroke.

When you have the putting stroke yips, you will likely find yourself flailing at the ball, freezing up over each putt. Your hands might be shaking, and you might find the club stabbing and jabbing at the ball in front of you. This problem is caused by psychological trauma that has likely occurred on the golf course, and when this trauma overtakes you, you might find it impossible to make the shots that you have always known how to make.

The putting stroke yips cannot be cured simply by changing your game. You cannot get rid of the shakes or the stabbing motion by adopting a belly putter or a brand new stance. It won’t work to change your hands or to bend your knees a little more. No, the problem can only be cured when you address the psychological problem itself.

The putting stroke yips are stemmed from this psychological and mental trauma, and when you come down with this nervous condition, it is up to you to make the mental changes not the physical changes.

The mental changes will be much more difficult to find than the normal physical changes. Not all coaches, teaching pros or sports instructors and psychologists are equipped with the ability to deal with these changes. You need to find the right professionals with the right methods to remove the golfing yips. Not everyone will have the right methods to restore your game, and it will be a tricky process as you are attempting to dive into the changes that have to be made with your game.

There is, however, help to be found, and you can find this help from a number of different sources. When finding the help you need, you will see your game returning to you and your stroke rolling smoother than it ever has before.



Golf is such an idyllic game, and when you watch the professionals, it oozes the civilization, competition and class that many people have come to love the game for. Even when you are out there by yourself, and even if you might be pushing and pulling a few shots here and there, the game still is the thing that love affairs are made of, and it seems like there is nothing that can take away your spark for the game.

But, this kind of situation can all come crumbling down, that passion can be dashed with an emerging case of the golf yips. The yips cure is not easy to find, and if you find yourself with a case of this condition, you may be dreading hitting the links every weekend, and you might find yourself hesitant to play hooky and go golfing with your buddies, instead of hitting the class or the office.

Whether you are a low handicapped playing for your club tournament, or a 90s shooter looking to win your four-man for your team, the yips can stop you cold in your tracks. This nervous condition is represented by a sudden loss of fine motor skills, and you might find yourself over a putt unable to even bring the club back. You will find yourself desperately looking for the yips cure.

The false fixes for the putting yips have included methods like changing grips, changing finger position, changing putting speed or changing clubs entirely. These may provide you a different putting approach, but they will not get rid of your putting yips, and will not allow you to find the yips cure.

Changing your mechanics or fundamentals is like moving a yard with weed problems. The lawnmower will kill the problem at the surface, but the weeds (and the putting yips) will still by lying underneath. Think of it this way: if your sink is leaking, you would not use a mop to clean it up before first turning the water up. Likewise, you would not change your game before first removing the putting yips that are creating the problem. This is also not the real yips cure.

Correcting the Yips and finding the yips cure resurrected Tom Watson’s career. It made him a perennial force on the Champions Tour. He even almost won the 2009 British Open at 59 years old. Bernhard Langer has overcome his yips to become one of the most dominant forces on the Champions Tour.

There is hope for golfers with yips, it just requires the right methods and the correct yips cure.. These professionals who overcame their yips have had access to the same simple fixes and psychology that can have you standing over your putts confidently.

With your yips eradicated, you can stand on the 18th green, staring down a12 footer with confidence. With your 12-buddy tournament on the line, you can bring the putter back and smoothly through the ball, right towards the back of the cup.


Golf might just be the one thing that you look forward to every year, every summer and every week. For some people, this might even be every day or every morning. The game has created so much joy for so many.

The golf yips, however, might just be the one thing that saps your joy for the game like nothing else before it has been able to do. If you are falling victim to the golf yips, there are precious things that you can do to get your game back. It might seem like your situation is hopeless, and you might feel that optimism draining from your weekly forays to the links.

If this is your situation, it is important to know that there is a fight against the golf yips. Many people will approach this problem the wrong – with the wrong methods – but there are techniques that you can use to remove the golf yips from your reality, and to restore your childlike love of the game.

The golf yips can only be approached through a psychological solution to the problem, and this is the aspect that many people suffering from the condition do not understand. Many people will try to cure the golf yips through mechanical methods. They will attempt to get rid of the nervous condition by changing their grip, adopting a belly putter, altering their mechanics or doing something physical to their games. But this has proven to be an incorrect solution to the problem.

The only way to truly get rid of the golf yips is to attack the problem at its base – which is inside of your head. The golf yips are a nervous condition that can make you stand in terror over your putt or your shot. With the yips, you may be unable to move the putter back from the ball, to swing your wedge steadily through the hitting zone, or to visualize a successful shot from the tee. You might find yourself flailing at the ball, or you might see yourself putting the wrong swing on it. You may not be able to control your fingers or your fine motor skills with the golf yips, and your game will suffer greatly because of this.

When you have the golf yips, you need to fix this problem within you – not alter the way that you are playing golf. You can first fix the problem by realizing what not to do. Changing your game is like mowing your lawn to get rid of a weed problem. The lawnmower will remove the weeds at the surface, but they will still be buried underneath the surface, waiting to spring up again shortly.

When you have the golf yips, you must first worry about the weeds before cutting your grass. You need to find a permanent solution to the golf yips, not a simple fix that will just push them beneath the surface. There are foolproof methods that will have you working the yips out of your game, you just need to know how to get there.


Four letters that no golfer wants to hear, whether professional, amateur or a high handicapped. If you are on the links, around the links or have a love for the game, the word “yips” can send shudders down your spine. The golf yips have terrorized golfers since the invention of the game, and they have plagued great professionals like Ben Hogan, Tom Watson and Bernhard Langer.

If you’re suffering from the golf yips, then you likely know the kind of terror that this condition can inspire. If your yips have gotten bad, you can find yourself playing the worst golf of your life and you may never be able to straighten out the things in your game. If these things happen, you will be desperate for a method to fix your golf yips.

All of a sudden, you will be looking like a resort golfer or a 30 handicap. You won’t be able to hit the simplest chip. You won’t find yourself within the vicinity of the hole.

These golf yips come about not because of a fundamental failure with your swing or your mechanics, but because an affliction within the nervous system. With the golf yips, your swing just stops and you forget the correct way to get the club on the ball.

If this happens, if you fall victim to the golf yips, you will not be able to even move the club. Frozen in your tracks, you will attempt to get unstuck and flail or stab at the ball.

By all accounts, this affliction is a tragic process to watch for any golfer or golfing friend.

Like the professionals though, you can find access to the best methods to remove the golf yips. And you can do this without spending tens of thousands on the most expensive instructors in the country.

Many methods will have you trying to fix your golf yips with the incorrect methods. They will have you try to change your grip when chipping, or change your swing path, and this will only confuse your game.

The real way to get rid of the golf yips is to attack the problem at the source – which is the nervous system.

Going after these golf yips from the source of the situation will give you the chance to start your game on the right path again. You will be attacking the ball aggressively, chipping with confidence and hitting the ball like you were at the top of your game.

Golf yips are a difficult situation, and only through the right methods and right practices will you be able to remove the yips from your game. This can seem like an impossible situation, but knowing the right ways to combat the problem will have you emerging from underneath the situation. You will be able to learn the right, and hit the ball like you used to.

The short stick is the most important in your golf bag, and nothing will help your score like that putter. Ask Jack, ask Tiger, ask Anika, ask all of the greats, and they will all tell you the same thing. That’s why the putting yips can have you trembling in fear and losing your game in no time.

The putting yips can find you pushing and pulling the golf ball, even standing over the simplest of four footers. If you come down with a case of this condition, a tap in can seem like a terror for you. The yips are a condition that represents one of those forsaken words in golf, like the shanks, and has ruined even the best of professional careers.

You might seem like there is nothing you can do to overcome the yips. You might be lost without any hope to ever getting over this condition. You might find your game struggling to overcome even the simplest of shots, and you may even be thinking about leaving the game. That is how dire this situation can become.

The golf yips are a nervous condition that is brought about by some past trauma, likely on the course. Yips in golf can stop you from making a proper swing, they can stop you from putting and chipping, or they can stop you in your tracks when you are on the tee.

These types of yips are often approached in the wrong way by instructors and teachers around the world. Many try to cure the yips by making drastic changes and alterations to your golf swing, or to your grips, style or fundamentals.

But these types of mechanical changes will not cure your golfing yips. No, the golf course yips must be attacked at the root of the problem. Trying to fix your yips by changing your game is akin to using a band-aid to try to stop the pain from a knife stab to the stomach.

A lot of players will attempt to cure the putting yips simply by making some fundamental change to their swing. This method of fixing the problem is like trying to mow your lawn to get rid of a week problem. Mowing the lawn will remove the weeds from the surface, but it will not entirely eradicate the golfing yips problem. You can mow from the top, but the weeds will still be alive underneath.

With your lawn cut and your weeds trimmed, you will only have to wait for the weeds to reappear again. When this happens, you will just have to trim the weeds again.

In terms of the putting yips, changing your grip or your swing is like running the mower over the weeds. The new grip will distract, but the yips will return once you figure out the new grip – just like the weeds.

You must attack the yips from the root of the problem, and with the proper help, you can find the cures that you have been searching for, and get rid of these putting yips once and for all.

The yips are one of those forsaken words on the golf course. Just like mentioning the shanks, hearing about the yips on the links can bring a shudder to any golfer in the know.

The yips have plagued athletes in all sports and disciplines and finding out how to get rid of the yips can be one of the hardest challenges for any golfer stricken with the affliction.

The golfing yips are a nervous disorder that can wreak havoc on your putting, chipping, driving and iron play. This kind of distraction to your game will have you shooting scores higher than ever before and losing a passion for a game that you likely once loved.

If you are searching out help for your golfing yips, they have likely reached a point to where they have become unmanageable. If they are to this point, finding out how to get rid of the yips may be your absolute top priority.

The yips can cause you to lose your fine motor skills, and when this happens you will be unable to take your club back, unable to swing the club through the zone and unable to play your game at the point to where you know that you can.

But how to get rid of the yips? Golfers have asked themselves this for years, and even golfers like Bernhard Langer, Tom Watson and Ben Hogan have struggled through the condition.

The golfing yips in any form – whether chipping yips, putting yips or golf swing yips – are far worse than coming down with a case of the shanks. Whereas the shanks are a physical condition, the yips are a dreaded mental and psychological condition.

The golfing yips force you to tense up and freeze anytime that you stand over a putt. They give you the feeling of inability and nervousness, and all of a sudden you find yourself unable to play the game of golf like you know how.

Many people approach the golfing yips as a mechanical or fundamental problem. They try to fix the golf course yips by cheap methods and once over fixes, but this is not always the trick to fixing the problem – in fact, this is almost never the case.

A lot of players will attempt to cure the golfing yips simply by making some fundamental change to their swing. This method of fixing the problem is like trying to mow your lawn to get rid of a week problem. Mowing the lawn will remove the weeds from the surface, but it will not entirely eradicate the golfing yips problem. You can mow from the top, but the weeds will still be alive underneath.

With your lawn cut and your weeds trimmed, you will only have to wait for the weeds to reappear again. When this happens, you will just have to trim the weeds again.

In terms of the golfing yips, changing your grip or your swing is like running the mower over the weeds. The new grip will distract, but the yips will return once you figure out the new grip – just like the weeds.

As an amateur starting out in your golfing career, you may have heard about a condition known as the yips. There’s a good chance, unless you were already familiar with the game, that you had no idea what these yips were or are. The yips may be a problem for many people, but they are not one that is talked about that often.

Perhaps you are better off having never know what the golfing yips are or were, and perhaps you may wish you had never heard of the, once you come down with them. They are, possibly, the worst thing that can happen to your golf game, and they might be the thing that changes your play for your life. The golfing yips are deadly to a handicap, and it is not always obvious how to overcome.

If your yips find your missing putts and shots, unable to think on the course, or without the ability to move, you may have attempted to get rid of them. But the most common cures tried for the golfing yips are often done the wrong way, by changing mechanics or altering the fundamentals of your game.

You can try to get rid of your golfing yips by changing your game, but this will only distract you from the problem, not eradicate it. In addition, you will have to struggle with learning a new putter grip, or a new club itself.

The golfing yips are a sort of nervous disorder that causes your body to shut down. You may lose your fine motor skills, and you will likely be unable to play your game. The yips are caused by a traumatic experience, and the yips themselves can prove to be traumatic for anyone trying to go low on the scorecard.

With these yips, whether in the form of golfing yips or shanks, your body will fail to move in the way that you want it to. You may not be able to take the club back on your backswing, or you may fail to bring it back down on the down swing. You will freeze up when it comes time to take action, and your swing will seem unexplainably lost.

This scenario is like springing a leak in your bathroom or kitchen, and attempting to solve the problem only by mopping up the leaking water. With the mop and the changed mechanics, the water will still be spouting – just like the yips will still be dominating your nervous system.

You need to turn the water off before you begin mopping up the mess, and this is done by in golf by first remedying those golfing yips. You need to fix that energy within your body that is stopping you from moving your putter back. You need to stop yourself from freezing over the putt, remove the jitters with the short stick in your hand, and go back to a place where you can focus only on the putt.

You need to get past the trauma that caused the putting yips, and only the right methods can help you do this, not a change in your game.